How To Start A Career In Cryptocurrency

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The popularity of cryptocurrencies is one of the first things you should consider before looking into cryptocurrency careers. Is it possible to pursue a career in cryptocurrency? According to PewResearch, nearly 86% of Americans are aware of cryptocurrencies. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is skyrocketing, with various types of crypto investors joining the fray.

Furthermore, surveys show that the average crypto investor earns around $111,000 per year. Cryptocurrencies appear to have numerous benefits and are widely accepted by the general public. These are compelling reasons to consider the possibility of increased demand for crypto experts.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that exists solely in code. Beginners may be curious about the types of jobs available when working with virtual currencies. As it happens, a wide range of cryptocurrency jobs have recently become available. Before we get into the specifics of some of the most notable jobs in the crypto sector, let’s learn more about the demand for crypto jobs.

According to a recent LinkedIn report, the demand for crypto jobs increased by nearly 395% in the United States between 2020 and 2021. Similarly, an earlier report by job search website Indeed predicted a nearly 118% increase in crypto job postings by mid-July 2021.

Types of Crypto Jobs
If you want to become a crypto expert, you must begin somewhere. Given the rapid rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies and crypto jobs, any newcomer would be wise to seize the opportunity. However, any beginner should begin with a niche in order to find a job that suits them. You must understand that each crypto job title corresponds to a distinct set of requirements, qualifications, and roles. Here are some notable jobs you can try out if you want to start a career in crypto.

Crypto Developer
The role of crypto developer or blockchain developer is the obvious first choice for starting a career in cryptocurrency. Blockchain developers are currently the most in-demand professionals in the crypto industry. The Global Blockchain Employment Report for 2021 forecasted annual growth in global demand for blockchain developers of nearly 300% to 500% per year.

Surprisingly, the annual average cryptocurrency salary for development is estimated to be around $123,750. Hard programming skills in languages such as C++, Go, Python, C#, Solidity, and JavaScript are required. Junior developer, junior full-stack developer, and graduate software developer are some of the entry-level cryptocurrency jobs for blockchain developers.

Crypto Marketing
You can also look into many promising career opportunities in cryptocurrency marketing. Professionals in cryptocurrency marketing interact with various social platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Simultaneously, crypto marketing professionals collaborate with crypto businesses and publication networks.

Blockchain Project Manager
A blockchain project manager serves as a bridge between companies working on blockchain projects and experts who can bring the projects to life. In a nutshell, they connect blockchain projects with blockchain solution providers.

Blockchain UX Designer
Since its inception, blockchain technology has received a great deal of attention. Many industries have adopted it as well.

A blockchain UX designer’s role is to create a user interface that is user-friendly, appealing, and builds trust among users. The UX designer should be hardworking and creative when designing. They should be able to pay attention to the details that need to be worked on.

Blockchain Quality Engineer
A blockchain quality engineer is responsible for determining the operational quality of blockchain technology. They ensure that all technological advancements meet the quality standard. They use automated framework testing to ensure the quality of their operations.

Any error on their part means that a glitch or flaw in the technology’s overall performance will go unnoticed. It also has an impact on everyone who uses this technology.

Blockchain Intern
As a blockchain intern, you can get entry-level jobs in companies looking for blockchain technology. Interns in blockchain are students who are learning blockchain machine learning.

After working as a blockchain intern and gaining comprehensive knowledge of blockchain technology and its operation, one can advance to a higher job level in the same field.

How Can You Get The Cryptocurrency Jobs You Like
The detailed insights into crypto job opportunities, as well as the skills required for crypto jobs, can encourage beginners to begin looking for the best options. Is it, however, easy to find a crypto job of your choice? Is there a specific training course that can help you get all of the crypto jobs available? Beginners interested in a career in cryptocurrency are more likely to have similar concerns. In most cases, beginners have no idea where to begin their crypto career. Here are some steps and best practices to consider when launching your crypto career.

Plan your Career Goal
The first requirement for pursuing cryptocurrency careers is a well-defined plan. You can begin by listing some of the notable career goals you hope to achieve. For example, you can select the type of job role you want to pursue in the crypto domain. Your career objectives should be broken down into three categories: short-term, mid-term, and long-term. Make sure to include the requirements for achieving the objectives as well as the necessary actions. When you start with a plan, you are more likely to pursue crypto jobs in a specific direction.

Set a Skill Development Routine
You must forge your own path to the cryptocurrency jobs of your choosing. After you’ve established a clear strategy for your cryptocurrency career, you can focus on skill development. The list of skills needed for the crypto jobs of your choice can be quite lengthy. You can, however, earn them by being dedicated to learning about blockchain.

Look for the best cryptocurrency training courses, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Investigate some fundamental-level blockchain and cryptocurrency courses to build a solid foundation of knowledge. In addition, seek reliable career guidance on pursuing the appropriate courses to move you closer to your career goals. You can also work on improving your knowledge of various crypto concepts.

Choose a Suitable Certification
Employers will require proof of your skills and knowledge for entry-level cryptocurrency jobs, regardless of your skills and knowledge. What can you do to demonstrate that you have the crypto skills required for a particular job role? In such cases, the only solution is a trustworthy and industry-recognized crypto certification. Interestingly, you can look into a variety of enterprise blockchain and crypto certifications, which can lead to a variety of promising career opportunities. Certifications demonstrate not only your expertise in cryptocurrency, but also your dedication to the field.

Professional Networking
Finally, you must go above and beyond to secure the crypto jobs of your choice. Crypto certifications can only demonstrate your expertise. They do not, however, guarantee that you will get the jobs you want. You must use professional networking to navigate job opportunities and reach out to potential employers.

Create a professional profile on professional networking sites like LinkedIn and establish yourself as a cryptocurrency expert. Reach out to members of online crypto communities to connect with others who share your interests. Who knows, you might meet your future employer or business partner in one of these towns!

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