What is Headless WordPress?

What is Headless WordPress?

What is a Headless CMS?

headless CMS is a Content Management System that uses a decoupled architecture to allow it to act as a backend service accessed via an API or SDK. Traditionally, CMS have acted as both the frontend (presentation layer) and backend (content database) for content editing. With a headless implementation, the CMS only acts in the capacity of content editing and the frontend is served by another solution

Headless WordPress

headless WordPress site is one that uses WordPress for managing content and some other custom frontend stack to actually display that content to a site visitor. While a site built with headless WordPress has many benefits, one of the primary advantages of this approach is decoupling content editing teams and developers.

With Headless WordPress, a marketing team and content team can continue to use their familiar WordPress interface and the development team can use the tools they love like React, GraphQL, in a Git workflow they are comfortable with.

The Drawbacks of a Monolithic WordPress

Most WordPress installations use themes, which are a collection of template files, to display content. A WordPress template file mixes HTML with PHP template tags, and controls the layout of a particular page or page type — e.g. single.php for individual blog posts; home.php for the home page. The downside of this template-based system is that the content is only available as HTML, using the document structure defined by each template.

Traditional WordPress also renders content to the site visitor via server-side rendering, since it’s PHP, which can hurt performance when compared to other methods of page generation, such as static site generation. Each time a visitor visits a new page, the browser reaches out to the web server and grabs all the content needed – slow processes that ultimately hurt the experience of a website.

The WordPress REST API, on the other hand, returns JSON instead of HTML. Using a content API gives you more flexibility around what kind of frontend you use: react.js, vue.js, a native mobile application.

The Benefits of Headless WordPress

It can be used on a wide range of devices, such as tablets, PCs, and smartphones. This method helps make your website more accessible. As a headless CMS, WordPress makes it easier to manage and less heavy. You can change the look and feel of your website to make it easier for people to use. When WordPress is used with the new integrated technologies, it is very stable and very fast. This means your website should be able to change in terms of how it works, how big and how small it is. A headless WordPress powered by React allows the platform’s needs and updates to change over time. It is a must-have service on all internet platforms. So, hire ReactJS developers to make sure your website is safe from internet threats.

Faster Performance

WordPress websites that are powered by frontends like react.js are incredibly smooth and responsive, with millisecond load times and prefetched delivery on the edge.

Improved Security

Static-Site Generators, acting as a frontend for WordPress have no active web servers and no reachable database, thus presenting a smaller attack surface. This approach prevents malicious requests, DDoS attacks, and accidental exposure.

Greater Flexibility

Frontends such as react.js can integrate WordPress content into complex, organization-wide websites which may combine WordPress content with content from other CMSs and web services.

Why Headless WordPress?

There are many headless CMS in the world like strapi and huge amounts of websites which was build by wordpress.

You can upgrade your wordpress websites to Headless CMS easily.


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